Summers End

To most people summer is still in full swing. Around here…not so much. Two of my children started the new school year last week and the oldest is starting online school next Monday. In this family, Summer is officially over.

The raspberries and strawberries are done for the season. The experimental potato in a pot is doing it’s thing (whatever it’s thing is). The onions, peas, and beans are growing like crazy in our garden. The garden by the way is too small. My children have turned it into a snacking garden, so we have yet to enjoy the benefits of fresh veggies at the dinner table. Garden expansion is scheduled for Spring 2014. Another thing that I put off for the season, but for a good reason since I was in the middle of writing my novel.

It is not impossible to enjoy the remainder of summer with two children gone all day, it just isn’t as much fun. The youngest and I left the oldest sleeping at home (he is a teenager) and met up with family to go to a park. Every time I go somewhere with her, I marvel at my ability to track her every movement. Following one child around a park is an experience I could never get used to again. Well, maybe after they are all out of the house and have children of their own. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself, I always find myself amazed by my children. Watching my two year old strut around the park interacting with other children was interesting. I just assumed she was shy (she refuses to have conversations with adults), but watching her chatter at the other kids proved me wrong. As the youngest, she has constantly been compared to the other three. “She has attitude like her sister”, “She has dimples like her brother”, and “Yep, just like the oldest, runs off to poop in the corner.” She is a mixture of all of them and somehow her own little person.


And she is TWO, which has officially earned her the nickname “Dictator.” Which of all the nicknames I have given my children over the years (Nugget, Chunky Monkey, Pissy Missy) is probably the most accurate one I have come up with. And this is the child that doesn’t know Summer has ended. Summer won’t end for another three years for this one. No matter how mom is feeling, my youngest will want to play in the pool, dig in the dirt, go to the park, eat out of the garden, and picnic on the deck. Seasons don’t matter to my youngest (I could make the same claim for the other three), so we finish out the Summer that doesn’t feel like Summer anymore. And I know when she is released from the house, she will head straight for the garden for her morning snack before her daily trek to the play set. Then we’ll come in for lunch, her smelling of Summer (dirt, sweat, and sunshine) and finally the Summer nap crash. It most be wonderful to be a two year old, but being the mother of a two year old at nap time is a hundred times better. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Summers End

  1. Amy, you succeeded at making me cry today! 😦 My baby is 14 now, and I miss her being little so much at times it hurts! Actually, her and my son who is 16. The time went much too fast!!! I don’t see how you find time to write! You must be very dedicated. Summer is almost over here. Our kids go back to school on Sept. 9th. They are homeschooled so they are already doing Math & Science, but they take some outside classes with other homeschoolers, too.

    • I think you are amazingly dedicated. I wish I had the patience to homeschool. We are trying online schooling with my oldest this year. So far so good. We were hoping all the kids could go to the same charter school together, but there wasn’t enough interest to offer high school this year. 😦 Hopefully the youngest two can graduate from the school.

      • Thank you. The first few years were rough, but it’s better now! We are going into our 9th year of homeschooling! I hope all of your kids’ schooling works out this year for you! Cheers!

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