The Sweetest Words

It’s been a long time since I have posted anything. I am pleased to say (drum roll) my first draft is finished. When I saw how close I was to the end a week and a half ago, I just threw myself into it. Much to the dismay (pouting, temper tantrums) of my children, but they finally realized their mom was on a mission (neglectful, in la la land) and we all celebrated when I finally wrote “the end.” Only my boys realize this is far from over, and they are excited at the prospect of reading the final product.
I did manage to make it to Half Price Books, where I picked up a few books to jump into during my days off.


I also spent some time with the kids. Some of that time was spent school shopping, at dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, open houses, but we did do a few fun things. We loaded the kids up and headed off to the park.

DSC02003Even boys have fun.DSC02012

But now that 2 of the 4 are back to school tomorrow morning, it is time to plot out the next novel. Then back to rewriting the first one. I am excited about it, though several times during the process I got fed up with my book. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it because… well, have you ever had one of those friends that call you up and just tell you what’s going on in their life without ever asking once how you are doing? And every time they call, it’s all about them? Halfway through the first draft that’s how I started feeling, like I wanted to say “Can’t we talk about something other than you for once?” 😉

But now to talk to new friends, once I pick out their names, and I will probably get sick of hearing all about their lives too. I’ll get over it, especially when I get to write “The End.” Are there any words sweeter than those? Well, sure there are. I can name quite a few than have come out of my children’s mouths. However, I couldn’t end my novel with any of those, so yes, they are the sweetest words at the end of a first draft.


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