It’s all in how you look at things.


I have been very blessed in my life. Even the difficult times in my life, where I was at my lowest, have formed me into the person I am today. If it wasn’t for the difficult times, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And today is a good day. Even though three out of my four children were crabby. Even though my “planned” day ended up like scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, leaving me trying to piece it together. For the record, I don’t think there is a single puzzle in this house that has all of it’s pieces.

Other than the many blessings I live with, I have been blessed with a writing friend. The majority of my friends call me for correct spellings, I guess I the dictionary is busier than I am. Some of them hand me papers to edit. A few of them cross themselves when the subject of writing comes up (I actually have the image of them grabbing the holy water and garlic in my head). But there is one friend who understands when I complain about a story that won’t get out of my head. She understands when my characters won’t do what I want them to. And she understands that moment when you force them to do it anyway and you feel like the whole scene just got awkward. It is nice to be understood and not see a glazed look in her eyes when I am rambling on about this scene or that (okay, people don’t get the glazed look in their eyes, but they do get the look on their faces like they are wondering if they left the coffee pot on). My writing friend and I have been getting together weekly for a couple of months now. When we have nothing to work through on our novels, we do writing exercises. Which led her to a story line she was more interested in than the current book she was thinking of writing.

Which leads me back to blessings that don’t seem like blessings at first. When we first started our novels, she wasn’t writing. Every week, we would get together and I would lament on how my housework was suffering, the kids were sick of hearing “just one more sentence”, and how my characters were running away from my plot. She hadn’t written a single word because she was “too busy.” I will agree she had a lot more things going on in her life, at least more life changing events. But week after week of me writing and her not writing started to annoy me. I thrive on people doing more than me, their lives progressing more successfully than mine, and them doing anything better than me. I work best chasing after things, because I am not a leader. So my issues were where was the person who was supposed to be my friendly competition? The person I could match word for word? The person who was having an easy time while I was struggling? What I did know was that she wasn’t meeting with me week after week.

For two weeks I grumbled to my husband, wondering what was the point in getting together with her. I wasn’t getting the challenge I needed and she wasn’t getting any writing done, it had to be that the partnership wasn’t working for either one of us. It was after one of our meetings that I finally had it. I told myself that if she wasn’t going to write, that was fine. I was going to make sure that I wrote the last word of my novel before she even wrote the first of hers. And it worked! Which just goes to show me that sometimes I need to lead and not follow.

I am happy to say that my last word is seven chapters away from being written. I am even happier to say that she has already written the first word of her novel. So, as it turns out her passiveness challenged me and my response to that (personal) challenge, inspired her.

And it turns out no matter what challenge comes my way, it’s all in my attitude and in the way I look at things.

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