I’m not going to make my goal.


Yesterday I had a daily word count of 2477. My highest word production on this novel to date. So after giving myself a pat on the back for finishing my latest chapter and writing my butt off, I realized I only have 10 chapters left. My goal of 90,000 is definitely not going to be met. I will finish my first draft at 50,000, if I am lucky. I did notice that as I have gotten further into this book, it has been less about getting it right and more about getting it down. I made a deal with myself around chapter 9 that if I just finish this book, I can go crazy in the rewrites. And trust me, there are going to be plenty of those.

I have heard that some people review their previous day’s writing before starting their writing for the day. Doesn’t work for me. I give myself the last sentence I wrote and then just jump in head first. Which is why I will definitely have a lot to fix when I go back. Turns out, I like to kick people to the curb at the beginning of the chapter, but still have them there at the end of the chapter. Easily fixed. But if I read too much of what I wrote the day before, I am obsessing about the rewrite. Leaves me sitting with my pencil in hand, day dreaming about where I have to place things that I jammed into a middle of a chapter because I just remembered I never explained something. I also noticed that as I have been getting further along, the shorter my chapters have gotten. I just want to get it written down, I will fill in later. Which leaves me with a page and a half of just dialogue sometimes, and a promise to add description later.

The important thing is to remind myself that when it is all over, I will have a finished first draft. That is definitely an accomplishment and something I did not have when I started. So I will continue to celebrate my daily word counts, even if I only end up with ten words. Each word counts and it is one less word I have to write tomorrow.


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